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Sinigang is a Filipino soup dish with a tamarind base which is well known for its sour taste and the variety of ingredients that you can put in it. The dish often incorporates fish (bangus), pork, shrimp, or beef, along with vegetables like string beans, kangkong, okra, pepper, radish, and kamatis (tomato). 

The best kind of sinigang is one that’s mouth-curdling sour but with the right amount of salt and spiciness.This is my first attempt and it seems that my children love this dish. Sinigang has the similarity with our Kuah Singgang. The color of the soup and the taste almost the same except that Sinigang is more soury. I used chicken for my Sinigang - Na Manok Sinigang. If you love Tom Yam or even Asam Pedas this dish fall under the same category.
So here’s the recipe I used if you’d like to give cooking sinigang a shot:


2 cloves crushed garlic
1 onion
6 medium-sized tomatoes
1 tbps patis
1 whole chicken, cut into 16 pieces
6 cups water
3 cups kangkong leaves
1 radish cut into ring thinly
1 1/2 tsps salt
3 cups crushed tamarind (crushed in hot waster)
1 pc tamarind broth cube (optional)
salts to taste.

  1. Saute the garlic in cooking oil until golden brown. Add onions and cook until they become transparent. Toss in the tomatoes and the tamarind, then add the patis.(fish sauce)
  2. Put in the beef and cook covered for five minutes. Pour in the rice water and cover tightly. Let boil. As soon as it boils, reduce the heat and radish simmer until chicken becomes tender. Put in the kangkong and  radish and tomato.

Kalau anda suka Tom Yam anda pasti akan suka Sinigang. Sinigang ini adalah sajian popular dari Filipina. Terdapat beberapa variasi Sinigang, ikan udang, ayam dan daging, paling top ialah daging khinzir. Ini pertama kali saya mencuba. Boleh tahan sedapnya sama seakan Singgang kita, cuma Sinigang ini agak masam sedikit kerana Sinigang ini menggunakan asam keping yang direndam dengan air panas terlebih dahulu.

Sedap dan sesuai makan dengan nasi panas.


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