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This is our third tutorial and we gonna learn to make fondant roses. Fondant roses are beautiful.  These roses harden up and are less fragile than royal icing flowers.  If you are able to roll the fondant “dough” very thin, the roses can look very realistic.  There are two ways of making roses using fondant, one with natural modeling the other one is by using petals cutter. Today we are using petal cutters..for the's simply easy if follow the instruction well. Don't worry if your roses doesn't turn out well coz it  takes a lot of practices. I have put in place the things you need to get ready, the step-by step instruction and a video that I extracted from you tube. So give a try and HAVE FUN WITH IT.

Before you start make sure you have the following

  1. Fondant 50% (and the color of choice: I use Wilton Gel Food Colors)
  2. Gum Paste 50%
  3. Mix both and covered with plastic
  4. A plastic mat (this will be for rolling the fondant).  I use the Wilton Cake Dividing Wheel (it works wonders for me and it has many uses).
  5. A rolling pin
  6. Scissors /Gunting
  7. Pizza Cutter / Pemotong Pizza
  8. Corn Flour / Tepung Jagung
  9. Thin and Thick Foam /Span Nipis and Span Tebal
  10. Icing flavoring (this will be used to glue the fondant)
  11. Ball tool (I prefer the one that has the ball tool on one side and the veining tool on the other- very practical)
  12. Big Flower fondant cutters (I use the Wilton Rose Bouquet Cutter Set)
  13. Small Flower Cutter for the Rose Bud
  14. Spaghetti
  15. Star Cutter for calyx
Before you start, read the “Working with Fondant” that I have previously posted.

For The Mum Base/ Untuk Kudup Bunga

  1. Knead a portion of your colored fondant until it is a little bit softer (this shouldn’t take long).  Roll it into a ball and place on top of the mat. use dowed rods to roll out the gum paste 6 mm thick / Uli fondant sehingga lembut dan canai setebal 6mm
  2. Cut into smallest rose cuttter / Terap dengan acuan rose yang paling kecil
  3. You will get a consistent size / Guna acuan ini supaya anda mendapatkan size yang sama
  4. Roll gum paste into ball / Bulatkan fondant
  5. Make a side to elogate into teardrop shape. Deep end with spaghetti into gum glue adhesive and insert spaghetti into wide end, all the way to the point / Nipiskan dihujungnya dan bentukkan sepeti air mata. Masukan spagheti kedalam sebagai tangkai supaya senang untuk membentuk bunga rose nanti
  6. This is your rose base. Dry it overnight to harden / Inilah dia kudup bunga rose anda, biarkan semalaman supaya kering dan keras


  1. Roll the fondant from center to the edge to stretch into a very thin layer. 
  2. Use your medium sized flower cutter and cut as many flowers as you can (remember we are only rolling a portion of the fondant as this will dry very fast). You need three flower cutouts to make one full bloom flower.
  3. Take one cut out (tip: wrap the rest with plastic wrap to prevent drying) and place on top of your thin foam.  
  4. Make short straight incisions in between each petal as shown on the picture below.  This will allow the petals to be more flexible and not rip when bended.
  5. In order to create a more realistic effect, we have to thin the edges of each petal with the ball tool.  Place the one side of the ball tool at its middle (i.e., half of the ball is touching the fondant and the second half the thin mat).  Roll your ball at the edge on each petal by pressing a little hard. You will see the petals “rippling”.  Place your thinned or “balled” flower cut out on top of the thick foam pad.  Note that I covered the foam with some corn starch to prevent sticking. With the ball, press its center (as shown on the picture below) slightly hard.  This will create a “cupped” center.
  6. Apply a little icing flavoring with an art brush at the cupped center.  We use icing flavoring instead of water because the flavoring has alcohol and this evaporates faster thus the flower will dry faster.  Insert the rose center toothpick through it.  This first petal will be the center petals of your rose.
  7. Apply flavoring to petal 0 (the head).  Glue the petal to the center fondant cone as shown on the picture below.
  8. Apply flavoring to one arm petal, in this case petal 1 and ‘glue’ it with flavoring to the cone center.
  9. I assume that by this time you know the process, so a picture is not necessary.  Apply flavoring to opposite leg, in this case petal 4 and ‘glue’ it to the cone center.
  10. Apply flavoring to the remaining arm (petal 2) and ‘glue’ it to the cone center.
  11. Apply flavoring to the remaining leg (petal 3) and ‘glue’ it to the cone center. The center petals of the rose are complete.  Stop here if you want a rose button.


  1. Take another flower cutout and make the incisions between the petals. Place on the thin foam pad and ball all the petal edges. Transfer the balled flower cutout and place on top of a thick foam pad. INSTRUCTIONS ARE DIFFERENT HERE.

  2. Place the ball tool on middle of one of the arm petals (petal 1) and cup the petal.  Do the same to the second arm (petal 2) and then to the center. Turn the petal to the other side and cup the head (petal 0) the two legs (petal 3 and 4).

  3. Turn the petal to the other side and insert the toothpick with cone center and first layer of petals.  Glue one arm petal (petal 1) to the one layer rose (exactly where two petals meet) do the same for the second arm (petal 2). Glue the head (petal 0) next, then the opposite leg (petal 4) then remaining leg (petal 3). You have completed the second layer of petals of the rose.  Stop here if you want a medium size rose.


  1. Take another flower cutout and make the incisions between the petals. Place on the thin foam pad and ball all the petal edges. Transfer the balled flower cutout and place on top of a thick foam pad. INSTRUCTIONS ARE DIFFERENT HERE.
  2. Cup the center of the flower cut out with your ball tool and then cup all the petals one by one.
  3. Turn the flower cutout to the other side and insert the toothpick on cupped center (petals should be curved on the outside) and glue the petals one by one to the 2 layer rose (where two petals meet).
  4. An easier way is to turn the rose upside down and glue all the petas one by one to the 2 layer rose.
  1. Siapkan semua peralatan yang saya sebutkan di atas.
  2. Warna dan ulikan fondant atau gum paste sehingga lembut. (saya gunakan 50% fondant dan 50% gum  paste.
  3. Sapukan alas dengan tepung jagung supaya tidak meletak
  4. Canai fondant nipis.
  5. Terap dengan acuan 5 petals yang besar sebanyak 3 keping dan ketepikan pastikan masuk dalam plastik supaya tidak cepat kering
  6. Guna gunting dan gunting celah-celah antara kelopak supaya nanti senang dilipat.
  7. Guna Ball Tools dan bentukkan tepi-tepi kelopak supaya ia nampak lebih natural. Apabila dibuat cara ini kelopak akan nampak lebih beralun.
  8. Lakukan pada semua 3 kelopak
  9. Ambil kudup rose yang dibuat di atas tadi...dua kelopak bertentangan disapukan dengan gum sepenuhnya manakala yang baki letakkan gum sedikit sahaja
  10. Cucuk kudup supaya spaghetti menembusi kelopak
  11. Tutup kelopak pertama pada kudup..tutup rapa dan kemaskan bahagian bawah.
  12. Gunakan kelopak yang bertentangan dan buat macam tadi..tutup kudup sehingga tidak nampak warnakan.
  13. Cantumkan kelopak yang baki selang seli. Boleh gunakan jari anda untuk membetul hujung kelopak supaya ia nampak lebih natural.
  14. Anda telah siapkan lapisan pertama..bunga rose'
  15. Ulangi proses untuk kelopak kedua.  Anda boleh berhenti di sini jika anda tidak mahu bunga yang besar. Tetapi jika anda memerlukan bunga yang besar..ulangi kelopak yang ketiga dengan menggunakan metod yang sama.
  16. Hem....maka jadilah sudah mawar anda. Biarkan semalaman supaya kering.
Video dari youtube di bawah dapat membantu anda memahami....step-by step ini dengan lebih mendalam lagi. SELAMAT MENCUBA


Scha Iriney said...

saye tak pandai buat bende nih, tp rasenye nak try la jugak

MaDiHaA a.k.a Ratna said...

cantiknyer bila dah jd bunga.. pandai akak buat..

JUICY CAFE said...

As-salam sis..
Cantik dan pandai sis membuatnya..tahniah ya..

Kak Nik Ja said...

kak pat...i surrender...cannot match yur hands lah! chantiK!

Lynn said...

Hi akak, akak beli Wilton Gel Food Coloring kat mana?

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Lin akak di Ipoh..di Ipoh akak beli di Wah Seng atau Merit..kalau tempat lain kena cari dekat cake ingredients supply shop..1 bottle is 7.50 ringgit Malaysia..tapi tahan lama

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Salam Kak Nik..belum cuba belum tahu..akak pun mula rasa tangan keras tapi dah try syok pula and ok..give a try you never know

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Salam Juicy Cafe..baru aje mencuba,,kena lebih practice

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Salam madiha...sumber ada..kita ikut aje..nak reka tak pandai so copy helps a lot

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Salam Scha..belum cuba belum tahukan...sometimes we got to challenge ourself

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