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I planned  for a light an easy weekend, enjoying a whole body massage in spa. I was damn exhausted and need to pamper myself, but some how things changed when i received a call from a friend saying that Chef Jimmy Ang will be in town for macarons demonstration. Being a big fan of Chef Jimmy Ang and being Mad about Macarons, I made a "U" turn and drove straight to Wah Seng an ingredients supplies shop to register myself.

I believe I made a good decision there to sacrifice my body massage and attended the class. The class was full packed. The evening  included a cooking demonstration and discussion with Chef Jimmy Ang.

The first sweet treats that Chef Jimmy showed us was the Moo Cake ( a form of Swiss Roll with Moo Moo Pattern) He told us that this is a sponge kind of swiss rolls using bamboo charcoals as the moo...moo spots..very interesting especially when he spotted the moo..moo before covering it with the sponge mixture.

The second was a chilled cheese cake using honeydew. This is another interesting recipe that I've tried immediately after the class and the last recipe he shown us was the highlight of the program. The one that I love most it's MACARON. I was really thrilled..when the recipe shown was an INTALIAN MACARON which is something new for me. I've learned and done the FRENCH MACARON before and this around Chef Jimmy Ang taught us the  ITALIAN MACARON, It definitely  completed my excitement of learning both the French and Italian Macaron. was interesting and an evening worth spending. I've made the chilled cheesecake yesterday and am looking forward to try the moo-moo cake and the ITALIAN MACARONS. It was really enjoyable with the interesting crowd anxiously wanting to learn. Thanks to Chef Jimmy for the wonderful evening and a great lesson..I really enjoy it.

Here's the recipe for 
Adapted from - Chef Jimmy Ang

The Cake
8 eggs - fresh gred A eggs / 8 biji telur gred A
60 g honey / 60 g madu
100 g plain flour / 100 g tepung biasa
60 g melted butter / 60 g mentega cair
8 egg white / 8 bjiji putih telur
a pinch of salts / secubit garam
70 g caster sugar / 80 g gula caster
1 tsp bamboo charcoal / 1 sdt serbuk bamboo charcoal
Grind oreo for sprinkle / Serbuk Oreo untuk taburan

The Cream
6 eggs / 6 biji telur
100 g caster sugar / 100 g gula halus
30 g cornflour / 30 g tepung jagung
10 g plain flour / 10 g tepung biasa
500 ml fresh milk / 500 ml susu segar
1 stick vanilla pod / 1 batang vanilla pod
15 g butter / 15 g mentega
300 ml whipping cream / 300 ml krim putar

Whisk eggs yolk with honey then fold in flour until smooth and then fold in butter. Set a side / Pukul kuning telur dengan tepung sehingan lincin. Kemudian masukkan mentega cair dan letak sebelah

Whisk eggs white, salts and sugar till soft peak. Then fold into egg yolk mixture and mix well / Pukul putih telur, gula dan garam sehingga pekat dan gebu, kemudian satukan dengan adunan kuning telur

Then bring 80 gm of the mixture and mix with bamboo charcoal set aside / Keluarkan 80 gm dari adunan dan masukkan bamboo charcoal dan letak sebelah.

Pipe into 14 x 14 square baking tray making a spot, then pour the remaining batter into the baking tray. bake at 190 C for 9 minutes  / Pipekan adunan charcoal seperti topok-topok dalam loyang pembakar 14 x 14. kemudian curahkan adunan putih ke atasnya. Kemudian bakar pada suhu 190 selama 9 minit.

In the mean time prepare the cream filling.  Whisk eggs yolk, sugar, cornflour and flour. Mix well./ Sementara itu sediakan inti atau fillingnya. Pukul telur, gula, tepung jagung dan tepung. Pukul sehingga sebati.

Heat up the fresh milk and pour into the egg mixture  / Panaskan susu dan curahkan ke dalam adunan telur tadi

Heat up the mixture over low heat and constantly stir till it form a thick mixture. Pour over tray and set aside / Panaskan adunan atas api kecil. kacau sehingga adunan menjadi pekat dan letak sebelah.

When the filling cool and thicken..blend till it form a nice creamy texture. Remove cake from oven allow to cool..Once cool remove cake from tray and over turn cake..with the moo-moo downside and the plain side above / Bila cream sudah sejuk..mesin sehingga menjadi seperti krim. Keluarkan kek yang masak tadi sejukkan dan balikkan..bahagaian bercorak di bawah manakala bahagian kosong di atas. 

Cut the edge of cake slant 45  degree and spread the cream / Potong hujung tepi kek 45 darjah seperti di atas bagi memudahkan bila digulung nanti. Sapukan krim.

Sprinkle grinded oreo's and fold the cake firmly / Taburkan serbuk oreo dan gulung cake kemas-kemas.

Moo-moo dari namanya aje kita sudah bayangkan bahawa ini adalah lembu....ya tepat sekali kek ini adalah kek sponge gulung yang bercorak lembut yang bertompok-tompok. menariknya resipi ini menggunakan "bamboo charcoal" untuk mendapatkan warna tompokkan hitam. Bamboo charcoal ini boleh didapati di mana-mana kedai barangan kek dan jika anda tidak boleh memperolehinya bolehlah juga menggunakan serbuk koko. Keknya cukup lembut dan krimnya boleh diperlbagaikan. tetapi resipi krim ini boleh juga digunakan untuk membuat isi tartlet..pendek kata resipi ini boleh diperlbagaikan. Sesuai dijadikan sajian minum petang mahupun untu majlis tertentu.

Next Post - Steam Chocolate with Cheese Layer


JaSSNaNi said...

Selamat pagi.. :)
wowwwwww!! cantek nye kek roll ni... ade ala2 tompok2 tu.. mmg nampak menarik sangat.. :) thanks share toturial skali.. :)

DG said...

The moo-moo roll cake looks fluffy & yummy! Thanks for sharing with us the step by step method :)

MaDiHaA a.k.a Ratna said...

hehe.. so cute the moo moo cake... dalam penat2 & nak gi rehatkan diri tu... terus buat u-turn ye kak.. ehe.. berbaloi ye kak paty bila dpt join kelas chef jimmy... terus hilang penat bila dpt belajar ilmu baking baru... terima kasih byk2 sudi berkongsi dgn kami resepi dari kelas...

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Welcome Jassnani...dari resipi asal ini bolehlah oleh buat bentuk lain..may be Zebra....atau cheetah...hem

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Welcome DG..dont limit urself to Moo=moo only may be u can try cheetah too

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Hem welcome Madhihaa bukan senang nak dapat peluang macam ni....ada depan mata kalau tak rebut..rugi lah..syok kelas dia...dia banyak bagi tips dan ada extras lagi

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applemint_jackie said...

Thank you very much.

Huimin Seow said...

Hi. For the instructions regarding the cream filling. I didn't see the addition of whipping cream into it ? So I guess we don't need to add any or we add it together with the milk ? Thanks

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