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Pad Prik is originally from Thailand but can be easily be found in many Malay restaurants in Malaysia. Pad Prik is a Thai word, where Pad - Stir-fried and Prik - Chilli. This one dish meal can be prepared by using beef or chicken. Easy to prepare especially if you have the red curry paste available. Originally string beans were used in this recipe but now any vegetables fit the recipe. For this recipe I used green peas, baby carrot, mushroom and young corn. You can add more chilies if you want it hot. The used of kaffir leaves add the aroma to this dish. Try this, very famous in Thailand and Malaysia.

1 cup shredded chickent breast
5 Shallots*
2 cloves of garlic*
4 bird’s eye chillies
2 lemon grass
2 Calamansi leaves
A cup of mix veggies (Long beans, carrot, baby corn)
1 packet mushroom sliced
2 tbsp red chili paste
1 tablespoons of Tomato sauce**
1 tablespoons of Chilli sauce**
2 tablespoons of Oyster sauce**
1 tablespoons of Sweet soy sauce**
1 tablespoons of Fish sauce**
Salt and sugar to taste



In a wok heat up 4 tablespoons of cooking oil and stir fry a blended ingredients for 30 seconds. Add red curry paste. Add chicken and continue to fry until the chicken is ¾ cooked. Then add the double asterisks ingredient together with lemon grass and calamansi leaves. Then add all the vegetables, salt and sugar. Stir to mix them well before served,


Nasi Pad Prik adalah sajian dari Thailand yang menjadi kegenaran semua. Boleh dibuat menggunakan ayam mahupun daging. Asalnya resipi ini menggunakan kacang panjang tetapi kini , berbagai sayuran boleh digunakan. Mudah dan sedap. Biasanya dihidang bersama nasi panas.


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