Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Salam and Good Morning All, today 29th February's a leap day and a leap only happen every four years. Let's check out some fact on Leap Year that I excerpted from Google "

Leap Year is also known as intercalary or bissextile year. Not only does February get 1 day extra on leap year, but the year also get’s one extra day. Normally February only has 28 days but in a leap year, February has 29 days. A year usually has 365 days but in a leap year the year have 366 days. Leap Year are always every fourth year. The 29th February is known as Leap Day. Over the years many traditions have developed because of a Leap Year being an occurrence happening every fourth year.

And to those celebrating birthday today HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Today is just a revisited of Nasi Lemak Tumis, Sambal Bilis Telur and some Southern Fried Chicken. Both my girls have to stay back till 6 pm for her cheer leading training one for her class presentation assignments. So I made a heavy breakfast for them to packed to school. For recipes

Nasi Lemak Tumis -Click Here
Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis - Click Here
Southern Fried Chicken - In my Next Entry

Make this 29th February 2012 a memorial day for you who knows what's gonna happen in the next four year. Have a Nice Day and Have Fun

Hari ini 29hb February 2012 adalah hari terakhir bulan February dan menariknya hari ini adalah hari lompat dan tahun lompat yang hanya akan dirai dan dicatit dalam calendar tahunan empat tahun sekali. Kepada yang menyambut hari ini pasti istimewakan...orang celebrate birthday tiap2 tahun tetapi yang lahir pada 29 February sambut birthday 4 tahun sekali...kalau saya...saya buat kek empat tingkat untuk diri saya, qadar yang lepas-lepas sekali....ha.....ha gurau aje. Ok menu pagi ini menu ulangan...anak-anak kena stay back untuk latuhan cheer leading dan assignment sekolah so breakfast kena berat...saya bekalkan mereka dengan Nasi Lemak Tumis, Sambal Bilis Telur dan Southern Fried Chicken,. Resipinya bolehlah amnil dilink di atas.

Next Post - Southern Fried Chicken


umi's cup cake said...

Kak, nasi lemak yang ditumis mesti lain sikit rasa dan bau dia kan? lagi best dengan sambal serta ayam goreng...nak sikit boleh?

Liza said...

salam kak paty...nnt tolong bungkus nasi lemak tu dgn daun pisang, pastu pos kat Liza 5 bungkus yer...Liza nk buat lunch...hiihhi

Qasey Honey said...

asslm kak...sedapnya tgk ayam goreng tu...
sya nk sbungkus yea nsi lemak tu...jangan lupa ayam goreng skli

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