Sunday, January 22, 2012


Today is an ultimate lazy Sunday for children were back for their CNY holidays..and there be no cooking's eating out day. I just prepared a simple "Continental Breakfast" all store bought....may be prepared was not the right word...I served..sounds better. So what is continental breakfast?

A Continental breakfast consists of croissants, rolls, or bread, perhaps some butter, jam, and/or marmalade, and coffee, tea, or, if you make enough of a fuss, hot chocolate. It is the breakfast of choice in most of the Continental European countries, where, apparently, they do not consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day. - excerpted from

So if you happened to check in any hotels in Malaysia...and if the hotels do not package up "breakfast buffet" and you are lazy to eat out and would prefer for a room service, then you normally have three selections to choose,.first an American Breakfast ( Toast, bacon, sausage, fried eggs, baked beans, hash potatoes, juice, coffee/tea), second a Continental Breakfast, as listed above and third the Oriental Breakfast a list of Asian Cuisine like Nasi Lemak, Noodles, Roti Canai..etc)

continental breakfast is simple, not fancy. Don’t expect an elaborate buffet. Depending on the hotel or motel you might receive coffee, tea, assorted juices, rolls, bagels, pastries and perhaps individual sized cereal boxes. It is so named because it is the breakfast of choice on The Continent, or Europe.

Got some croissants from the bakery, serve with butter and jam..some orange juice and coffee/tea. Really simple. So that's what we had this morning.

Hari ini memang betul-betul lazy Sunday...malas betul hari ini..semalam sudah keletihan cari stok untuk seminggu....ya allah punyalah letih beratur hari ini memang angkat tangan..memang cadangnya nak tutup kedai,....tak nak masak..nak relax dan rest aje. So sarapan pagi ini simple aje la..saya siapkan Continental breakfast...., breakfast om putih..tapi kali ini dari Eropah.

Continental Breakfast ini adalah breakfast yang paling simple...orang-orang Eropah kurang menitik berat tentang breakfast..breakfast dia orang cuma croissant, roti, bun, rolls dan pastry-pastry kecil dimakan bersama mentega, jam, jus oren dan kopi/teh. Sarapan di sana cuma buat alas perut aje, tidak macam kita. Semalam kebetulan sudah memborong, saya belilah roti dan croissant..pagi tadi cuma hidangkan aje. Sekali-sekali makan ringan-ringan macam ni sedap juga. 

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