Thursday, July 23, 2015


I'm always a big fan of Tuna & Egg Sandwiches. I regularly make such sandwiches for myself. More often is either eggs or tuna but this time around I combined both, decked it up by using two different kind of bread, white bread for eggs and wholemeal for tuna. I like plain old water-packed tuna. Add more mayonnaise to have a nice combination of tuna and mayonnaise. The exact ratio of tuna to mayo varies because some people like more than others. I also add onion, bird's eye chilies and chopped celery.

As for eggs, there's nothing fussy about it just hard-boiled eggs, mayo, vinegar, some basic herbs (chives and dill) and mustard.

Spread the butter over the bread and add the tuna mayonnaise filling r eggs.  If you like, you can add thinly sliced cucumber or tomatoes as well. Don't overfill the sandwich or it will be super-messy to eat.


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