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Tyca's Birthday Cake - Donna Hay Chocolate Mud Cake

My goodness...I just don't know where I got all the energy to bake and decorate two cakes at the same time. May be I love cooking and baking so much that I forgot I'm too old for all these. Anyway today 31st December 2011 is the final day of 2011 and today also happens to be my son the one and only son that I have birthday. My son Oden turns 20 goodness, how time flies so fast. I remembered I have to be in labor for two days and almost exhausted and the doctor suggested that I went for caesarean, there's no way that my son could come out naturally. My god after two days of labor pain I finally delivered my son the one and only son through caesarean. His the jewel of my life and happy and glad he is doing well in his life. He will completing his studies in motorsport in June and insyallah will pursue with his degree in New Zealand. I hope and pray he will be successful in life and always be in the blessing of Allah.

Besides Zainuddin, we also will be celebrating Tyca's my No:3 daughter belated birthday. Tyca's birthday was 30th November, she's 18 and currently pursuing her study in Foundation Science. I hope she can make to medical school though she preferred to be an engineer. my wish at least one doctor in the house. She was away during her birthday and I just made and sent her a simple chocolate peppermint cupcake so today I compensated her with her favourite chocolate cake just to be fair to all. I made Chocolate Mud Cake, by my favourite food stylist Donna Hay. Recipe adapted from chocolate mud cake  The mud cake is dense and rich with a deep-chocolate flavour and truly decadent with the smooth, dark-chocolate ganache.  I'm not good in decorating I just prepare the chocolate ganache with store bought sweet pink sweet for sweet 18. As for Oden I baked him Donna Hay 4 layer's Chocolate Buttermilk Cake also adapted from chocolate-buttermilk-layer-cake - for recipe please see next.  ha..ha...birthday boy has to cut the cake first before I could make the entry.

Oden's Birthday Cake - Donna Hay Chocolate Buttermilk Layer

Hari ini dirumah kita meraikan tiga celebration serentak satu belated birthday Tyca, dua hari lahir anak lelaki saya Oden yang birthdaynya jatuh hari ini dan ketiga pastinya menyambut 2012. Tak ada apa yang istimewa saya cuma buat jamuan kecil..goreng-goreng bihun, sedikit pemanis mulat dan yang penting birthday kek. Entah mana dapat kudratnya dua kek saya buat semalam, kedua-dua kek saya gunakan resipi Donna Hay, untuk Tyca saya buatkan Chocolate Mud Cake dan untuk Oden saya buatkan Chocolate Buttermilk Layer, cake yang Donna Hay tunjukan dalam Australia Master Chef. Kek ini sepatutnya empat tinggat tapi saya buat separuh aje, buat dua tingkat aje..mak aii takut reban pula.

Kedua-dua anak saya ini memang minat sangat chocolate kek jadi saya buat dua supaya esok jangan pula nanti kata umi pilih kasih. Sepatutnya plan asal hendak buat tiga birthday sekali, anak dara saya yang ke empat Myraz birthdaynya jatuh pada 6hb Januari ..tetapi Myraz tidak mahu buat sekarang, dia plan hendak celebrate dengan kawan-kawan dekat sekolah. Nampaknya next week kena buat sebiji lagi la...Kedua-dua kek ini memang sedap..patutlah ramai yang memberi rating tinggi untuk kek-kek Donna Hay. Untuk resipi Chocolate Buttermilk Layer Cake untuk Oden tunggu entry seterusnya, entry saya yang terakhir buat tahun 2011, bukan apa,,kenalah tunggu birthday boy potong kek dahulu. Kek Tyca ni memang tidak dipotong sebab dia hendak bawa balik ke U. kita cuma boleh makan kek oden sahaja.

Nak menghias tu tak pandai, main pakai chocolate dan bunga-bunga kecil aje...jadi yang penting umi sentiasa ingat birthday anak-anak umi.

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