Friday, July 22, 2011


This has always been the children all time favorite. Children every where in Malaysia love this Ayam Masak Kicap. Easy to prepare, from mild to hot and spicy depending on your preferences. I made the hot and spicy one. I happened to buy 1 packet of Mak Siti Masak Kicap powder and made a try on that. Yeah... not bad, very can taste the spices. So here what you need for 1 whole chicken:-

1 whole chicken cut into 16 bite sizes
2 green chilies halved
1 onion cut into ring
1 fresh tomato cut into ring
1/2 cup black sweet soy sauce
1/2 cup water
5 tbsp oil
1 tbsp turmeric powder

For the Spicies
1 packet Mak Siti Masak Kicap Powder
3 tbsp chili paste
7 shallots*
5 cloves garlic*
2' ginger*
1 stick cinnamon
3 anise star
5 cardamon

  1. Marinade chicken with turmeric powder and salts for a few minutes and deep fry chicken till golden brown. Set aside.
  2. Grind shallots, garlic and ginger and mix with Mak Siti Masak Kicap powder.
  3. Heat up oil and saute the mix paste and chili paste. Add in cinnamon, anise star and cardamon. Saute until fragrant. Add in soya sauce and water. let simmer for a while, add salts and sugar.
  4. Finally add in the fried chicken and continue to simmer for another five minuts.
  5. Before you off the heat add in the green chilies, tomato and slice onion.
  6. Ready to serve with hot rice.


Ini memang masakan favorite anak-anak seluruh Malaya, kadang-kadang hairan dibuatnya tidak pernah jemu-jemu, kita pula yang jadi geli-geliman kalau udah hari-hari ayam. Masak Kicap ini boleh dikategorikan sebagai Kid's Favorite" lah. Untuk kali ini saya menggunakan rempah ayam masak kicap Mak Siti, saya masukkan sedikit cili pes supaya adalah rasa pedas-pedas dan berempah sedikit, tidaklah terlalu kicap sangat.

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