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Manisan popular dari Turki dan kebanyakan negara Teluk. Manisan ini sama dengan donut atu churros baik dari segi ramuan mahupun cara membuatnya. Menarik tentang manisan ini seperti juga dengan kebanyakkan manisan dari negara teluk ia dimakan dan disalut dengan air gula

Turkish Tulumba
  •    3 ½ cup sugar
  •    3 cups water
  •    1 tbsp lemon juice

  •  2 and ½ cup flour
  •  2 cups water
  •  1 tbsp sugar
  •  2 tbsp butter
  •  2 tbsp semolina
  •  1 tbsp starch
  •  A pinch of salt
  •  3 eggs
  •  Oil to deep fry


      Start preparing its syrup. Boil water and sugar and add lemon juice.
Let it boil for 5-10 minutes more and let it cold.
Meanwhile start preparing dough.
Put water and butter in a pot. Mix it well to melt butter in water.
When it boils, sift flour and add it into pot little by little.
Add salt and sugar and mix it fast with a wooden spoon until you have a nonsticky dough about 10 minutes over low heat.
Take the pot from stove and let the dough cool down.
Break eggs into it one by one and mix with your hands.
Add in starch and semolina and continue mixing with hands until you have a creamy dough.
Fill a frying pan with oil.
Fill the dough into a piping bag with a star nozzle.
Squeeze dough pieces into oil when it is still cold.
Let them double size over medium heat, the slower they are fried, the crunchier they are.
When they are fried, transfer them into cold syrup.
Wait them in syrup for 1-2 minutes and take them with a slotted spoon.
Before frying the rest of dough, let the frying oil cold and repeat the same steps.
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