Thursday, September 01, 2011


It's the second day of Syawal, all Muslims are still on the EID MUBARAK mood, many took the opportunity to hold open houses for friends and relatives. Open houses has always been used as a symbol “living in harmony”. It's common here in Malaysia we have Gong Xi Fatt Cai open house, and Deepavali open houses and how it’s so nice to see people from different races and religions celebrating their respective festivities with each other.

It was a unique Malaysian custom where friends of various races and religion gather in harmony enjoying each other company and of course fantastic and an array of aromatic and appetizing food, all  lie sumptuously on the table, waiting to be feast on.

Among the delicious looking food are ketupats, lemang, rendang ayam, curry mutton, briyani etc......and a host of cakes and cookies. I believe every one is looking forward to these wonderful traditional meals and not to forget for kiddies "duit raya"..... this is the time of the year to make BIG COLLECTIONS. Duit Raya is something that the Malays borrowed from the Chinese custom where children will be given a packet of cash token from the hosting house. This was the highlight for the kids.

When come to "open house" I have my own way of hosting it.

I used to hold it in batches, I have 5 children and hold the open house in 5 different days. My kids want to have some privacy with their friends, so 5 children, 5 open houses and 5 menu....Crazy.....ha... well it's once's a year occasions...... This year 1st Raya was my eldest daughter Ayu open house, 2nd was Myraz, tomorrow will be Tyca, Saturday will be Eyba and finally Sunday will be Odin's. All planned and stay tune for my Syawal menu.

This "Soto Ayam" was the 2 day open house menu for Myraz and friends. It's a hit menu. This dish had the influence from Indonesia. In Indonesia there were many variations of soto but the one that Malaysian love so much was this soto ayam, made of compressed rice served with clear chicken soup. This is my No:1 favorite and can't stop eating it. To get the kick of this dish serve with some bergedil aka potato cakes and of course the "sambal kicap". perghh......awesome. I have made an entry on this before and for recipe please refer to my previous entry. Tomorrow will be Tyca "open house" and menu will be ROTI CANAI and BEEF CURRY so stay tune!!!!!


Asalmualaikum !!! masiih lagi dalam mood hari raya, banyak rumah terbuka dikunjungi dan ramai sahabat handai diziarahi...alhamdulilliah inilah dia keistimewaan AIDIL FITRI.  Menu kedua Syawal saya buat SOTO AYAM, makanan favorite saya....hem.... naik la berat badan. menu hari ini khas untuk anak saya Myraz.... kira-kira hari ini adalah rumah terbuka Myraz dan kawan-kawan....Soto ini saya masak guna rempah sup dan masukkan santan, saya lebih gemarkan kuah soto yang pekat. Seperti biasa soto tidak lengkap tanpa bergedil dan sambal buat sekali..mak aiii.... tak sampai petang lesap semua....Untuk resipi sila lihat N3 saya yang terdahulu...

Next Menu - Tyca Open House - Roti Canai & Beef Curry


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