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Yesterday was 2nd Syawal Fasting. I received a nice beautiful "cempedak" from my friend Rasiah. Fried it and have for buka puasa with a cup of KOPI O (black coffee) OMG really satisfying. After my "maghrib prayer" I had rice with green mustard beef soup and sambal tanak. Simple and satisfying dishes that really made my day.

Cucur Cempedak / Cempedak Fritter

Green Mustard Beef Soup / Sup Sawi Daging

Sambal Tanak
If this is the first time you heard about cempedak, here I extracted an information from Wikipedia. This cucur cempedak aka cempedak fritters are Malaysia fravorite. It is a seasonal fruit. When the season come you can find these fritters every where in the street. The fruits are soft and juicy. Best eaten raw or commonly made into fritter,
Artocarpus integer, known as Chempedakchempedek or cempedak (pronounced "chem-pe-dak"), is a species of tree and its fruit in the familyMoraceae. It is native to southeast Asia(Indonesia), occurring from Indonesia, Malaya Peninsula to the island of New Guinea/Papua. It has been introduced to Queensland. The vigorously growing, medium-sized tree can bear heavy crops of fruit once or twice a year. There are many varieties, although few are named. The sausage-shaped fruits range from 22 to 50 centimetres in length and 10 to 17 cm across. The edible arils surrounding the large seeds are yellow, orange or green in colour. The taste of the fruit is similar to the related Jackfruit and Breadfruit with a hint of Durian. The sweet, juicy pulp surrounds the seeds in a thick layer between the husk and an inedible core. The green skin is thin and leathery, patterned with hexagons that are either flat or raised protuberances like jackfruit skin. The fruit is very popular in its native area, and is becoming so in Queensland. Fritters made by dipping arils in batter and frying in oil are sold in the streets of Malaysia.This is also grown and eaten in Andhra pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala states of India. This is known as "Panasapandu" in Telugu and "Chakka" in Malayalam. Cempedak fruits can be also found and bought in Singapore. The seeds can be boiled and then peeled and eaten. They taste very much like water chestnuts.


1 (1.2 kg) Cempedak Fruit, peeled and reserved the flesh
Oil for deep-frying

150 g  Rice Flour / 150 g tepung beras
10 g Corn Flour / 10 g tepung jagung
1/2 tsp air kapur aka akaline water / 1/2 sdt air kapur
1/2 tsp Salt / 1/2 sdt garam
1 Cup Water/ 1 cawan air


Combine all the ingredients for batter and mix well./Bancuh semua bahan sehingga menjadi adunan yang tidak terlalu pekat dan tidak terlalu cair. Biarkan adunan meyaluti cempedak.

Pour enough oil into a saucepan or in a deep fryer on medium to high heat. Coat the Cempedak flesh with batter and fry until golden brown in color. Remove the Cempedak fritters with a slotted spoon and drain on papers and serve warm. /Masukkan minyak dalam kuali biarkan panas, celup cempedak dalam tepung dan goreng hingga kekuningan. Toskan minyak dan hidang panas-panas.


Alhamdulillah, semalam selesailah dua hari puasa 6. Kebetulan ada teman hantar cempedak, saya goreng separuh dan separuh lagi ratah gitu aje. Alamak sedap betul buahnya isi tebal, manis dan juicy. Lama dah mengidam goreng cempedak ni, baru ni terpandang di Bazaar Ramadan tetapi dek ramai sangat yang beratur saya tidak jadi beli. Buka aje makan cempedak goreng dengan KOPI O...wee......memang puas betul la. Lepas maghraib baru jamah nasi. Masak simple aje semalam, Sup Sawi dan Sambal Tanak. Sup Sawi ini terpandang kat dapur AYU-CURLY BABE SATISFACTION, terasa teringin pula, masak sikit aje.

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