Saturday, September 03, 2011


I saw these cookies in Sky's Blue Kitchen, Diana made a wonderful German Cookies, looks so sweet and cute. The original recipe was plain, but I saw Diana sprinkle some color sugar, well I followed her.These cookies are just like the Danish butter cookies. Soft and they really melt in your mouth. Very easy to make if you have the right ingredients in your hand. A very popular cookies especially among the Chinese Cooking blog in Malaysia and Singapore. These cookies are gaining its popularity among the Malay Cooking Blog especially during the recent Raya celebrations. 

Interestingly  you can categorize these cookies under 4-Ingredients recipe, all you need are icing sugar, potato flour, superfine flour and butter , simple yet satisfying. Many had try so why not make way to these GERMAN BUTTER COOKIES

Adapted - DIANA/Sky's Blue Kitchen
125 gm butter /125 gm mentega
40 gm icing sugar / 40 gm gula ising
125 gm potato starch flour /125 gm tepung kentang
80 gm superfine flour /80 gm tepung superfine


·         Cream butter and sugar till soft and fluffy / Pukul mentega dan gula sehingga lembut dan gebu.
·         Add in dry ingredient to form a soft dough./Masukkan semua bahan kering membentuk seperti doh.

·      Roll into small balls. Press each with fork. (Dip fork in hot water)/Bentukkan seperti bebola kecil. Tekan dengan garfu yang dicelup dengan air panas.
·         Bake at 180 C for 15-20 minutes/Bakar pada suhu 180 selama 15-20 minit

Cookies yang tidak perlu pengenalan, ramai udah mencobanya untuk tahun ini, cukup gebus.....jatuh cinta pandang pertama tak kala melihatnya di dapur Diana - Sky's Blue Kitchen, terus cari tepung kentang dan buat. Wah...montok gitu, lembut dan sedap. Seperti Diana saya mainkan dengan gula-gula warna.

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