Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This dish is similar Vietnamese Pho Bo, instead of beef I used chunk chicken. This chicken soup noodles serve best with "sambal kicap" or chili oil. You can either make shredded chicken or chicken chunk. As for the noodles you can use any kind of noodle, flat noodles, egg noodles or even rice vermicelli.

The soup is light with the spice flavour, an influence from Malay, Chinese and may be Vietnam or Thailand. For recipe you can refer to my earlier entry on Chicken soup.


Ini menu Raya 6, cuma dua orang aje yang celebrate di rumah jadi buat Bihun Soup aje. Anak-anak yang lain semua sudah balik menyambung sturdy masing-masing. Untuk Bihun soup ayam kali ini saya buat sup biasa aje, tidak dimasukkan tomato Heinz, dan tidak terlalu berempah.

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