Tuesday, September 13, 2011


During my stay in Penang I used to drink this after work. There's an organic shop that serve fresh fruits juice. I normally blend it with some seaweed, carrot and celery. Fantastic, really refreshing. Over here in Ipoh, I couldn't find any organic shops that serve such drinks. I bought two beet roots from Jusco and blended it myself, drank with the fibre without sieving it.

This beet root drink is full of nutrition and antioxidants and has been used for years as part of cancer prevention and treatment.. It’s a great source of folate, potassium, dietary fiber and phosphorous. Its flavour can be a little “earthy, musky” but cooked beets have a real sweetness to the flesh. It's easy to prepare you just need to blend this with a couple of ice cubes, good quality honey and freshly squeezed orange juice (at this stage you may want to add carrot or celery as a variation) with all its goodness and I think that this is one great tasting healthy breakfast juice.


Ini adalah minuman favorite saya, tetapi sejak berpindah ke Ipoh jarang mendapat peluang menikmatinya. Saya tidak tahu apa namanya dalam bahasa Malaysia tetapi buah ini rupanya seakan sengkuang tetapi isi dalamnya kemerahan macam warna pekat darah. Kalau di Penang biasanya dijual di kedai-kedai organic. Beet Root ini akan dimesinkan bersama seaweed, carrot dan celery, tambahkan sedikit ais jika suka. Banyak khasiatnya lebih-lebih lagi dalam melawan penyakit kanser. Pada yang belum pernah mencuba, bolehlah try ya...tetapi seeloknya selepas diblend, tapiskan untuk membuangkan seratnya. Minuman saya ini saya tidak tapis, saya lebih gemar dengan seratnya.

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