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Sambal is popular as a condiment in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. The sambal is made of red/green/bird's eyes chilies pounded using mortal with shrimp paste. The shrimp paste need to be char first.

Kuini - adapted from Google
There are a few variations of sambal and some of the favorite are sambal kuini. Kuini is a strong smelling mango Mangifera foetida, macang (“c” pronounced as “ch” in English). It is rarely eaten on its own: the flavor is too intense and the flesh is very fibrous. So the ripe fruit is pounded in a mortar together with fermented shrimp paste (belacan), fresh cilis  This fruit is a seasonal fruits and you can only have this kuini sambal once the season arrived.. I love this delectable sambal, very satisfying and tasty, sweet kuini blended with hot sambal....really great.



7-8 red chilies
7 bird's eyes chilies
1" shrimp paste - char frist
salts to taste
sugar to taste
1 whole kuini slice into pieces.
Pounded all ingredients add seasoning and finally add slice kuini. Pound till 1/2 fine.

Mortal & Pastel adapted from Google


Bukan musimnya tapi entah macam mana boleh terjumpa buah kuini ini, saya beli 5 biji satu buat sambal satu makan gitu aje, wah manis dan sedap. Sambal kuini ini saya gandingkan dengan kari ikan dan sup tulang... memang kena betul, .....

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