Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I am honoured to receive an invite from Muna of Munaty Cooking, to guest post on her beautiful blog. Thank you, Muna.

Muna requested me to feature some Malaysian dish, I was earlier contemplating between our owned Nasi Lemak and Yellow Glutinous Rice With Chicken Rendang and finally decided on this yellow glutinous rice and chicken rendang which I felt meet the right timing of thanksgiving EID MUBARAK and 54th Malaysian Independent Day.

I invite you to join me at munatycooking,com and while you are there, do check out all her mouthwatering photos and recipes...

Besides , Muna do published an online magazine. The magazine is about food, cooking, and related topics. Every month you will find new recipes, tips, and techniques that will help make your cooking experience fruitful. MunatyCooking can be downloaded in PDF format or read online.

These recipes can be viewed at and in conjunction with Malaysia independent day I am taking this opportunity to wish all Malaysian all over the world HAPPY MERDEKA DAY.
Sungguh terharu bila dijemput oleh Muna dari Munatycooking untuk menjadi tetamu dalam blognya. Muna inginkan sesuatu yang mencirikan masakan Malaysian jadi saya pilih pulut kuning dan rendang ayam di mana saya merasakan ianya bersesuaian dengan EID MUBARAK dan MERDEKA. Pulut kuning ini selalu dikaitkan dengan majlis kesyukuran jadi saya merasakan amat tepat memilih resipi ini untuk blog Muna. Selain daripada blog masakan Muna juga mengendalikan majalah masakan secara online yang diterbitkan secara bulanan. Banyak resipi-resipi menarik boleh didapati dari blog Muna. Anda boleh melayari blog dan majalah online nya di munatycooking.blogspot,com. Memandangkan hari ini ialah hari yang penting bagi seluruh masyarakat Malaysia, saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucakan SELAMAT HARI MERDEKA kepada seluruh warga Malaysia.

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Munatycooking said...

Thanks Fatimah for the kind words, it was my pleasure to have at my humble blog ;)

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Thanks Muna.....sharing that is what this blogging are let's make our food blogging merrier.....

Anonymous said...

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