Saturday, October 25, 2014


WARNING - if you can't control yourself don't try this..ha...ha..its very addictive, honestly can't top munching. This is a variation of how you can enjoy your chickpeas beside the normal. Obviously its..awesome.

Indian Style Pan Fried Chickpeas

  • 500 g kacang kuda rebus
  • 2 tangkai daun kari
  • 3 tangkai cili kering dibelah 3
  • 1 sdb biji sawi
  • 1 sdb minyak masak
  • serbuk kari jika suke

Cara Menyediakannya

  1. Panakan minyak dan tumis biji sawi, daun kari dan cili kering
  2. Biar seketika dan masukkan kacang kuda rebus
  3. Gaul rata dan angkat.
Recipe Source :- PATYSKITCHEN

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1 comment:

inahar ali said...

salam k.paty..kacang kuda goreng cenggini mmg dok tiap2 hari beli kt gerai india depan klinik ni haa..huhu!

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