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Serabai !!!! it sounds like a Thai dish but it's not. By the meaning it relates to "being messy", however I don't see any relation between the kuih and the meaning. Anyhow this is another traditional kuih dip in sugar palm. Soft texture a bit sour because of the yeast and most importantly it's delicious.  This kuih is popular in Penang. You can easily find this kuih in any stall in Penang. I used to have it in Taman Sardon. Every time in Penang, I will drop for breakfast and make sure I wont miss the Serabai. This kuih is also popular in Indonesion. They called in Serabi, there are many version of Serabi in Indonesia. The most popular is the Serabi Solo.

My experiment started when I assisted my close relative preparing Serabai for "Tahlil". Not that difficult to prepare but would be better if I can have the mould. Just don't know where to get it.

Serabai With Sugar Palm Dip

1 cup wheat flour/1 cwn tepung gandum

1 cup rice flour/ 1 cwn tepung beras
1 tbsp sugar/ 1 sdb gula
1/2 tsp salts/ 1/2 sdt garam
1/2 tsp instant yeast/ 1/2 sdt yis segera
1 cup water/ 1 cwn air
1/2 cup coconut milk / 1/2 cwn santan pekat


  1. Mix all the ingredients except the coconut milk.
  2. Set aside to ferment at least 2 hours.
  3. Heat the pan and grease it before pouring the batter.
  4. Add the coconut milk immediately before you start.
  5. Use a ladle to scoop the serbai Make a small circle, dorayaki size. Cook on low heat.
The Syrup/Dip
1 cup brown sugar
2 cups coconut milk
2 bananas - mashed
Salt to taste
2 screwpine leaves - knotted

1. Mix all the ingredients in a pot.
2. Cook till the syrup thickens.

3. Serve with serabai.

Serabai dengan Kuah ini lebih dikenali di sebelah utara tanah air terutama di Pulau Pinang. Kuih ini popular di majlis-majlis tahlil. Agak sukar untuk mendapatkan di tempat-tempat lain. Cara membuatnya mudah tetapi akan lebih cantik dan kemas kalau memakai acuan. Kuih ini agak pelik juga kalau dikaji dari segi namanya. Serabai adalah bahasa utara yang merujuk kepada "kekusutan", tapi rasanya tidak nampak apa-apa yang kusut pada kuih ini malah kuih ini ada ummpp....nya kalau dicicah dengan kuahnya.
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