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Kuih Lopes With Palm Sugar

Kuih Lopes, that is what we called this kuih made from glutinous rice wrapped in triangles using banana leaves and left to boil for a few hours. It has nothing to do with Jennifer Lopez, neither did Jeniffer know the existence of this kuih. Strange, no one know as how it got its name. I am not quite a patience person so I will only do this kuih if only I have to do it.  The process is quite tedious, I hate the wrapping part. However the holy month of Ramadan really changed one's attitude. I did this during Ramadan, running out of ideas and have banana leaf and glutinous rice in the kitchen, I overcome my impatient attitude and prepared this kuih.

There are two ways of preparing this kuih, one is by cooking the glutinous rice first, then wrap in banana leave and boiled. The second one is by wrapping the raw glutinous rice and boiled. There is no wright or wrong the outcome are the same. Mine I used the later method.

Kuih Lopes with Palm Sugar Dip.
3 cups glutinous rice - soak overnight/ 3 cawan pulut rendam semalaman
1 tbsp alkeline water / 1 sdb air abu/airkapur
7 tbsp pandan juice/ 7 sdb air pandan
1 tsp salts/ 1 sdt garam
banana leaf 3 x 12 /daun pisang 3 x 12

Wash and drain the glutinous rice. Add in the pandan juice, alkaline water and 1 tsp salts. Put aside. / Basuh dan toskan pulut. Masukan pati pandan dan air abu.Gaul rata.

Fold the banana strips into a cone by the end. Fill with 2 dessertspoon of glutinous rice and fold compact like you are folding a samosa. Stack 3 triangles together and tie them up with raffias or rubber-bands./ Lipatkan daun pisang yang telah dilayur dan masukkan pulut tadi dan balut seperti membalut samosa. Ikat dengan tali rapia dan sekalikan 3 lopes dalam satu ikatan untuk dikukus.

Heat up the steamer and steam this kuih for 30 -45 minutes. Leave to cool./ Panaskan kukusan dan kukus pulut selama 30 - 45 minit. Padamkan api dan biarkan sejuk. Seelok-eloknya semalaman.

Palm Sugar Syrup
2 cup palm sugar (gula melaka), roughly chopped/ 2 cawan gula merah

1-1/2 cup water/ 1 -1/2 cawan air

pinch of salt/secubit garam
2 -3 pandan leaves/ 2-3 helai daun pandan

To make the palm sugar syrup, place the palm sugar and water in a small pot. Add a little bit of salt. Heat over low fire till the sugar completely melts and the mixture is slightly thick and sticky. Tie a knot on the pandan leaves and drop in the syrup. Once all the sugar melts, strain the syrup and set aside. You can make the syrup a few days before. / Masakan gula dengan air, masukkan daun pandan dan secubit garam. Masak di atas api kecil sehingga gula pekat. Tapis dan letakan dalam bekas hidang.


For the coconut, use only the white part and steamed for about 30 minutes with a little salt. / Gunakan kelapa parut putih dan kukus selama 30 minit, masukkan secubit garam dan ketepikan.

Discard the banana leaves and cover lopes with steamed coconut and have it with your palm-sugar syrup./ Keluarkan lopes dari daun pisang dan gaulkan bersama kelapa parut. Hidang dengan sirap gula merah tadi.

Source : Limizlynn from Bites and Pieces


Kuih ini tidak ada kena mengena dengan penyayi Jeniffer Lopez. Tak tahu macam mana kuih ini mendapat namanya. Tapi apa yang pasti ianya merupakan satu juadah yang enak. Membuatnya agak renyah sedikit. Saya paling tak gemar part nak membalut dan mengikatnya.  Rasanya ada short cut nak buat ini tapi macam mana kita masih suka cara yang asli.

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