Sunday, December 05, 2010


My daughter was in total disagreement with me when I wanted to post this recipe, to her it is a simple dish and everyone knows how to fry fish. To me is not so much about the ikan goreng its the combination that goes well with this dish - The sambal kicap. Not many   know how awesome the combination was. When come to cencaru we used to stuff it with sambal or another popular cencaru dish is cencaru goreng sambal. This is a simple recipe that require less effort and less ingredients. My mum used to prepare this especially when come to cencaru season. We just ate it with rice. More ummpp..... with hot rice. For those who have yet to try.. why not???? make a twist now.

Cencaru Sambal Kicap

What you need are .....

Fresh cencaru, clean, wash and marinate with salt. Fry the fish, not too garing 3/4 done will be fantastic. For the sambal kicap get 3/4 cup kicap manis, 1/4 cup kicap cair. About 15 pcs cili padi chopped. 2 big onion chopped and 1 lime juice. I used limau nipis. Mix all...there..goes your sambal kicap. Simple ha... so try this.


Pernah kah anda mencubanya????? Nampak mudah ya.....tetapi kita mungkin tidak menyedari cencaru dan sambal kicap merupakan kombinasi yang menyelerakan, lebih..lebih lagi makan panas- panas bersama nasi panas.

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