Monday, June 16, 2014


I have been craving for Pad  Thai for quite a while. I couldn't find any decent HALAL restaurant serving Pad Thai except for Johnny's...and I couldn't find Johnnys somewhere around me. So happened that last night I made Fried Peanuts and Anchovies I reserved some of the peanuts for this Pad Thai. This Pad Thai somehow was so intimidating....

The original Pad Thai used the thin flat noodles...similar to our Keaw can find it the supermarket. Bean sprouts, tofu and chives are the main ingredients.You can also use all kinds of seafood. I used shrimps. At the end, the dish would be topped with thinly sliced cilantro or long coriander.

There are   few version of Pad Thai...from different province in Thailand..however this is my version after  few tweak to suit my taste bud. Here's the step-by-step Pad Thai the Patyskitchen way 

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