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I make these often.

You can use sausage, meat or, for any flavour, variation you like

I  used ready-made shortcrust pastry to make these puffs extra easy but obviously you can make your own pastry, shortcrust or rough puff, if you have more time.Vary the size of the puff to suit the occasion. Big ones are ideal for family meals, bite-size ones are perfect for parties (make extra because everyone will come back for more) and medium-sized ones for picnics and lunch boxes

Once you done with the fillings brushed with egg and just before baking sprinkle the pastry with sesame seeds or poppy seeds for an attractive finish. Obviously delicious and presentable for any occassions.


Puff Daging Berbijan

YIELD: 12   PREP TIME:2 5 minutes   COOK TIME: 0

Bahan kulit
Kulit pastry puff "kawan"
1 biji telur dipukul buat sapuan
sedikit bijan buat taburan

Untuk Intinya

  • 1 packet daging kisar
  • 2 biji bawang besar didadu
  • 2 biji kentang didadu
  • 1 batang carrot didadu
  • 1 paket kecil rempah kari baba's
  • 5 ulas bawang putih ditumbuk bersama halia
  • 1" halia
  • 2 sdb minyak masak
  • 2 tangkai daun kari
  • garam dan perasa secukupnya

Cara Menyediakanya
Untuk Intinya:- Gaulkan bahan tumbuk dengan rempah kari sehingga menjadi pes basah Panaskan minyak dan tumis pes basah ini sehingga naik baunya Masukkan daun kari Masukkan bawang besar, daging kisar, kentang dan carrot.Masukkan 1/2 cawan air, garam dan perasa Biar atas api kecil sehingga semua bahan empuk Kecilkan api angkat dan sejukkan intinya

Untuk Menyediakan puff :- Letakkan inti dalam puff, sapu air keliling dan tutup puff. Sapu telur, tabur bijan dan bakar selama 30 minit pada suhu 220 c.

Recipe Source :- PATYSKITCHEN
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