Friday, April 27, 2012


Singkong  is an Indonesia word for tapioca shoot. In Malaysia we called these pucuk's great if you cook it with coconut milk. I added some tiny eggplant. Serve with salted fish and sambal....Mama Mia it's awesome

Gulai Singkong Terung Belanda

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Tapioca shoots (shredded and boiled, approximately a big bowl after boiling)
5 cups coconut milk (slightly concentrated i.e the 1st squeeze)
20 pcs. Thai green chilli/bird chilli (pounded)
4-5 pcs. tumeric (pounded)
2 pcs. lemon grass (bruised)
2 pcs. tumeric leaf (cut thinly)
1 cup tiny eggplant slightly crushed
5 tbsp dried anchovies (soaked in warm water for 5 minutes and pounded lightly)
salt to taste


  1. Pour coconut milk into a pot. Add in the chilli,anchovies,tumeric,tumeric leaf and lemon grass.
  2.  Keep ladling and stirring the coconut milk until it boils.
  3. Add in the eggplant and the tapioca shoots. Add in also salt to taste. Boil a further few minutes and remove from stove. Ready to serve.


Jay said...

looks awesome...cant wait to try your recipe
Tasty Appetite

hazila said...

Suka masak lemak pucuk ubi.

Mama Hawa/Mama Nani said...

As salam Kak paty..
kat rumah my kids prefer rebus cicah with sambal asam or kacang..
Hawa kalau nk mkn msk lemak kena tunggu mak masak hehehe yr realy looks delicious!!
nnt nk suruh mak mskkan hehehe

Amie said...

Sedap! Memang sedap! Masak lemak pucuk ubi dengan terung pipit... teringat masa kecik2 dulu selalu petik pucuk ubi di kebun, petik terung pipit sampai gatal-gatal lengan kena bulu batang terung pipit! Jangan lupa sambal belacannya sekali ye Kak Paty sayanggg...

Only Fish Recipes said...

this recipe looks n sound very delicious....will definitely giv it a try !!!!!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Paty, wow, never seen this dish before. Ta'pernah dengar the name too.
But sure looks delicious, and I can practically get the lovely scent of the ingredients you used.
Sedap best ni!
Have a nice weekend.

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