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This is Tyca second baking project - Cupcake !!!. I taught her a simple cupcake from recipe.The cupcakes have a delicate cake-like texture, not as dense as pound cake and not as light as sponge cake. The flavor is not too sweet, which I personally prefer, and the texture is very similar to a lighter, fluffier pound cake. I love this recipe and  for the frosting, as a beginner I taught her the butter cream frosting. We made it simple with some sugar sprinkles topped on the cupcakes. The next class for Tyca will be during her semester break. Today she starts her first campus life and I hope that she can cope and get adjusted fast.

Vanilla Cupcakes:
1/2 cup (113 gm) butter / 1/2 cawan mentega
2/3 cup sugar (130 gm) / 2/3 cawan gula
3 large eggs/3 biji telur
1 tsp vanilla / 1 sdt esen vanilla
zest of 1 large lemon/ kulit lemon 1/2 -1 biji
1 1/2 cup (195 gm) all purpose flour 1 1/2 cawan tepung serba guna
1 1/2 tsp baking powder/ 1 1/2 sdt baking powder
1/4 tsp salts / 1/4 sdt garam
1/4 cup milk (60ml)/ 1/4 cawan susu (60 ml)

Buttercream Frosting:
2 cups (230 grams) confectioners sugar (icing or powdered sugar), sifted / 2 cawan gula icing
1/2 cup (113 grams) unsalted butter, room temperature / 1/2 cawan mentega
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract / 1 sdt vanilla
2 tablespoons milk or light cream / 2 sdb susu atau krim
Assorted food colors (if desired) /warna kegemaran anda
Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe
  1. Vanilla Cupcakes: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (177 degrees C) and line 12 muffin cups with paper liners.
  2. In the bowl of your electric mixer, or with a hand mixer, beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Scrape down the sides of the bowl as needed. Beat in the vanilla extract and lemon zest. 
  3. In a separate bowl whisk together the flour, baking powder, and salt.
  4. With the mixer on low speed, alternately add the flour mixture and milk, in three additions, beginning and ending with the flour. Scrape down the sides of the bowl as needed.
  5. Evenly fill the muffin cups with the batter and bake for about 17-20 minutes or just until set and a toothpick inserted into a cupcake comes out clean. (Do not over bake or the cupcakes will be dry.) Remove from oven and place on a wire rack to cool. Once the cupcakes have completely cooled, frost with icing. If you want flat topped cupcakes then slice off the dome of each cupcake, with a sharp knife, before frosting. If you want to pipe the frosting, I like to use a large Wilton 1M star decorating tip. Cupcakes are best eaten the same day they are made, but can be covered and stored for a few days.
Buttercream Frosting: In an electric mixer, or with a hand mixer, cream the butter until smooth and well blended. Add the vanilla extract. With the mixer on low speed, gradually beat in the sugar. Scrape down the sides of the bowl. Add the milk and beat on high speed until frosting is light and fluffy (about 3-4 minutes). Add a little more milk or sugar, if needed. Tint the frosting with desired food color (I use the paste food coloring that is available at cake decorating stores and party stores).


Ini merupakan baking project Tyca yang kedua selepas kek coklat. Buat permulaan saya ajarkan Tyca simple vanilla cupcake. Resipinya saya ambil dari Mudah dan ringkas. Tekture keknya juga menarik  seperti mini pound kek. Saya suka resipi ini. Untuk hiasan icingnya saya ajarkan Tyca cara butter cream. Rasanya butter cream frosting cukup sesuai bagi yang baru ingin bermain dengan teknik menghias kek. Project Baking Tyca terpaksa ditundakan sementara menunggu Tyca pulang cuti semester nanti. Hari ini Tyca memulakan dunia barunya dikampus. Harap semua berjalan dengan baik dan Tyca dapat cepat menyesuaikan diri di sana.

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