Saturday, February 19, 2011


This is an awesome drink to make for a hot day. Make a lot and you can please a whole crowd or store it in your refrigerator to drink at your leisure. I prefer the drink on the not so sweet side - just add more sugar if you prefer it more sweet. To store, strain into a glass jar and keep in your refrigerator.

1 whole pineapple / 1 biji nenas
1/2 cup lemon juice / 1/2 cawan jus lemon
1 can soda drink / 1 tin air soda
200 g sugar / 200 g gula
475 ml water / 475 ml air

1.Put the water and sugar in a large stainless steel or glass pot and heat until the sugar dissolves. Set aside. Blend pineapple and strain. Combine jus with lemon and soda. / Masak air dan gula sehingga gula hancur. Sejukkan dan letak sebelah/ Blend nenas dan tapis. Campurkan jus nenas, lemon dan soda kacau rata dan rasa ikut selera anda.
2.Fill glass mugs with crushed ice and pour in the drink. Add a straw and a lime/lemon and pineapple slice for garnish. / Isikan gelas dengan ais dan tuangkan jus yang dicampur tadi. Hias dengan hirisan limau/lemon dan nenas.

Tiada yang lebih melegakan dalam cuaca yang panas ini dengan segelas jus Nenas bercampur lemon dan soda. Memang melegakan. Mudah dibuat dan sesuai disejukkan dan disimpan dalam fridge. Guna bila perlu.

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Indonesian In Turkey said...

your pineapple cocktail looks tempting, I'll save it for summer next time ^_^
Btw, with this new red tiger background, make me longer to browse and open ur page.

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Thanks Citra, it's really hot in Malaysia, some refresher drinks as this helps soothing our throat. My daughter created her blog with pink leopard and converted mine to red leopard. Next her sister with blue and ..bla..bla..ha..ha... the leopard family. Our family blog trademark something like that.

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