Monday, February 07, 2011


My number 4 girl, is currently on soft diet, taking a challenge from her friends that she will transform into nice beautiful lady in two months time, I don't know why on earth did she took up the challenge, however the worst part of it I have to prepare separate meal for here. So, from February onwards there be no rice for Myraz, just soup and bread. Well I don't want to discourage her and as a mom I have to support her. As a start I prepared her leek Potato Soup with wholemeal bun. Thought it's creamy I want to take off slowly not too drastic since she is still schooling. Let's take a look at the this creamy leek and potato soup.

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Chik Mimi said...

Assalam kak paty,tengok soup tu nyum nyum nyum sedapnya

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Salam Mimi, apa macam kita suka sama suka tukar dengan butter fish Mimi, lagi nyum...nyum... jangan lupa daftar untuk top 10 PATYSKITCHEN GIVE AWAY ya, ajak kekawan sekali.

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Mcburn's Kitchen said...

Great recipes,real treasure of excellent gourmet. I wonder how superb you are in time management..Oop HR-D shd be a content expert than.
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