Thursday, November 24, 2011


I don't have a recipe for this. I used the store bought pastry, cut using cookie cutter, first layer without hole the second layer with hole, stacked both, egg wash and baked. Once the pastry cool down I piped in strawberry jam and dust with icing sugar. As simple as that, and they are cute for any cocktail party you plan to have. You can make it sweet and you can make savoury. It was so versatile and don't limit your creativity. Not only gorgeous these pastry puff are also scrumptious. Put in anything they turned out wonderful.


The pictures below explain how it works


Bestnya tentang resipi ini ialah ianya tidak mmepunyai resipi, sesiapa aje boleh menyediakan. Sekecil yang sedang cuti di rumah pun boleh tolong siapkan...macam main play dough. Gunakan pastry puff yang siap, terap menggunakan acuan, lapisan pertama saya biar gitu aje lapisan kedua saya lubangkan tengah. Cantumkan dua dengan egg wash. Bakar sehingga kekuningan. Selepas bakar sejukkan dan pamkan apa-apa jenis jem yang anda suka. Boleh juga chocolate, ising sugar atau inti pedas seperti tuna.

Mudah ringkas dan sesuai jika anada bercadang untuk mengadakan majlis koktail.

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