Friday, November 25, 2011


Blessing Friday with Soy Sauce Noodles. It's our breakfast today. What I love about this dish is, it's too simple, in fact you don't need a recipe for this. I got my youngest daughter Eyba to prepare this and to my surprise she dished it out with sizzling plate...ha...ha we were caught by surprise, we thought she made sizzling made it just for my photo shoot...look's like my children understand me well, anything from the kitchen got to SNAP first before they can enjoy it.

Mee Kicap is popular here in Ipoh, Noodles blanched and mixed with soy sauce. Serve with hot plain soup. You can use egg noodles or even wanton noodles. I have extra grilled  black pepper beef and my Eyba sliced and topped to the noodles.  Shredded chicken is another good option for this. Green Mustard and slice Snow Peas made it more colorful.

So enjoy EYBA's Mee Kicap


Make the soy sauce gravy first, make in a bigger portion so you can have a second helping.

Sauce Ingredients
1 cup light soy sauce / 1 cawan kicap cair
2 tbsp oyster sauce / 2 sdb sos tiram
2 tsp dark soy sauce / 2 sdb kicap pekat
dash of pepper / sedikit lada sulah
1 tbsp sesame oil / 1 sdb minyak bijan
1/2 cup chicken stock / 1/2 cawan stok ayam

Combine all ingredients and adjust taste / Campurkan semua bahan dan adjust rasa.

For The Noodles
Use Egg or Yellow Noodles or Wanton Noodles


Blanched the noodles and pour the Sauce / Celur mee dan curahkan kuah kicap keatas mee.

Vegetables & Other Ingredients 
Use your vegetables and meat  preferences / Gunakan sayur dan daging pilihan anda.


Cuti-cuti ini giliran anak-anak pula layan kita. Brekfast pagi ini disediakan oleh sibongsu EYBA, mee kicap yang paling mudah dan merupakan mee kegemaranya. Biasanya Mee ni tak perlu resipi pu, bancuh kicap, celur mee dancurahkan ke atas mee. Gunakan apa-apa sayur kegemaran anda. Kalau ada bahan letakkan daging panggang atau ayam rebus yang disiat-siat. Ini memang menjadi kegemaran anak-anak.

Next Post - Thai Red Curry Chicken



My Home Diary in Turkey said...

Patty.... I always envy your mouthwaterring post especially this my favorite mie .. :)

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Hi Citra...this is not mind...this is my youngest daughter's breakfast try...Ha...ha school holiday all the little chefs have to step in the kitchen.

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