Thursday, March 01, 2012


Finished with the leap days and leap years and those born on 29th February sure had a great time yesterday until the next cycle come. So now we enter the 1st day of March, which is the third month of the year. March...March....I have two birthday in eldest daughter Ayu will be turning 22 on 19th March and my youngest Eyba will be 15 next week 8th March 2012. Look's like March is going to be a busy month for me and hopefully there's no outstation job this month.

OK back to the breakfast menu today.....I made instant noodles omelete. A simple yet satisfying dish. The process is just like any other omelete but this one I added the cooked instant noodles in it....see...... that's how this dish is filling enough to last you till lunch. That's no fix rules in this can add in anything you want. For a double dose add some shredded cheese. This really knock your socks !!!! it taste like pizza without crust and it also taste like murtabak without the skins. Yummy !!!! Serve best while hot with chili sauce

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