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Calamansi is rich in Vitamin C, phrosphorus, Iron and Calcium and often used to prevent common sicknesses like cold, cough and flu. Typical drinks made with Calamaci are Lemonade and Calamaci Juice cause of it’s taste, aroma and flavor. This drink is really refreshing. Some even added Assam Boi to this drink, however I don't quite like that, I would either squeezed or blended the juice. Great drink in hot sunny weather. Here are a few ways of preparing your drinks.
Ingredients needed for Calamansi Juice are:
  • 3 calamansi
  • Ice Cubes
  • Cold water
  • Sugar or Honey
A Typical way to prepare the Clamansi juice (drink) is

Cut the calamansi in half and squeeze the juice out of the lemon into a glass. Try to avoid that the seeds of the calamansi will enter the glass. Add the cold water to the Calamansi and add some sugar or honey to make the taste just right. Mix it all together and finally add the ice cubes.

  1. Wash the calamansi and drain
    Cut the upper portion taking care not to cut the seeds. Cut seeds contribute to astringent taste.
  2. Manually squeeze or use fruit extractor.
  3. Add one and 3/4 part sugar for every part water. Or adjust to 60 degree brix if you own a refractometer.
    If a clear juice is desired, the so called calamansi nip.  Allow to stand for three  days (inside refrigerator) until the fruit pulp have floated. Siphon the nip taking care not to disturb the floated pulp.
    I prefer not to remove the fruit pulp  because fibers aid in digestion. If you love fibers, just skip step 5.
    Add 4 cups of honey.
  4. Transfer into sterile, airtight and dry bottle or plastic container. Refrigerate.
    To make  it shelf-stable. Pasteurize at 70 degree Centigrade for 15 minutes before packing
Jus Kasturi bukan sahaja berkhasiat malah amat menyegarkan. Saya amat mengemari jus ini dan biasanya minum begitu aje tanpa gula. Enak kalau dimasukkan asam boi. Minuman ini sesuai sebagai penghilang dahaga dikala cuaca panas.


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