Wednesday, May 08, 2013

BASIC SPONGE CAKE RECIPE back again...missing in action again ha....anyway things changed and I can't gave such commitment as I used to....too many things to look into. Anyway I was telling my FB that if you are secret recipe's lover you will realised that the cakes there mostly are merely sponge cakes with several variations.. The tricks was to get a good sponge cake recipe and start creating your creativity. I've found the recipe that helps me so's easy and less here's the recipe - HAPPY TRYING


5 eggs / 5 bii telur
125 g caster sugar / 125 g gula caster
125 g flour / 125 g tepung
15 g ovelette / 15 g ovelette
1 tbsp baking powder / 1 sdb baking powder
40 ml water / 40 ml air
70 g melted butter / 70 g mentega cair
1 tsp vanilla essence / 1 sdt esen vanilla

Heat up oven at 180 C / Panaskan ketuhar pada 180 C
Whisk all ingredients except melted butter till light and fluffy. Batter should be thick / Pukul semua bahan kecuali mentega cair sehingga putih dan gebu.
Add in melted butter and vanilla / Masukkan mentega cair dan esen vanilla

·     For the same recipe you can used for chocolate sponge cake. Reduce flour to 100 plus 20 g cocoa powder  / Untuk mendapatkan kek sponge koko kurangkan tepung kepada 100 dan tambahkan 20 g serbuk koko.

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