Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My First Blogging

Welcome Paty's Kitchen

Hi I am Fatimah Jasmin @ Paty. A HR Director by profession and a mother of 5 children, four girls and a son. I'm passionate about cooking and many aspects of homemaking. This is my first of a new blog about cooking, food and dinning. I have been trying to start this for a while but have been busy with my work. I  decided to blog about my family's favourite meals after taking a three months break from work. During this period I have the chance to indulge myself in my hobbies and interest. Not an expert neither have a professional training in cooking but my interest and dedication in trying new recipes made cooking fun and interesting.

This blog was developed as a way for me to expand my interest. I wanted to share my experiences and passions with my children, friends and others. As this is going to be all about cooking great food, this cooking blog features a quick and easy Malaysian home favorite recipes, cooking tips and advice. For years I have been collecting recipes from magazines and cook book. Paty's Kitchen was organised and preserve all these wonderful recipes tested by me, my family and friends.

For a start I shall begin with my family recent Ramadan and Syawal Menu follow by monthly selected recipes. I hope you will find some great recipes and enjoy your visit in my kitchen as much as I enjoy sharing with you.  

Kroket Daging -  A Must Try

Puding Roti Sos Kastad - Children's favorite

Lapis Pelangi - Recipe from Cooking Blog

Epok-Epok Tuna - Recipe from my home science class  

The recipes are still under construction and hope to upload it as early as October. Though a bit late you can still try it in your kitchen. I invite you to try the recipes and if you have any constructive feedback please be free to add to the comment. Happy Cooking

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