Tuesday, December 09, 2014


When come to eggs for breakfast..I love the 3/4 one..not that soft and not that hard. With dash of white peppercorns and light soy sauce....perghhhh it really makes your day...you on top of the world ha..ha

This may look simple but to be honest its not unless you master the right technique. It is very important that :

the egg is fresh
the temperature is right
the timing
the amount of water is correct

once you have all these nothing can go wrong and you will have a perfect half boiled eggs

telur setengah masak


  • 2  biji telur segar
  • 450 ml air
  • periuk 18 cm
  1. Didihkan air
  2. Pedamkan api dan perlahan-lahan masukkan telur
  3. Sengetkan periuk, sendal dengan kain memolehkan telur ditutupi air
  4. Tutup periuk dan iarkan telur selama 12 minit.
  5. Angkat dan siap dihidangkan

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