Thursday, December 18, 2014


I am not sharing any recipe here today, but interesting enough to share dishes that are popular and mostly associated with falafel.  These middle eastern favourites are meatless option for vegetarians that is chock-full of nutrients like fiber, protein and folate. I've posted the recipe in my previous post and today let's see the different ways of serving falafel.

There are many fabulous ways  It can be served with salad, with pickles, and/or dipped in Hummus, tahini or cucumber sauce. Another way of serving it is Falafel sandwiches using pita bread as pockets The pockets are stuffed with falafel balls, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and feta cheese and can be topped with any type of dipping sauce.

I have experimented most of it and here's the option that you can try. 

Enjoy trying these wondeful dish with your family.

Falafel  Burger - just like homemade veggie burger a replacement of meat

Topping your salad with falafel is a delicious way to add protein and fiber, creating a more filling meal. 

The falafel balls are often served wrapped in a hollow pita shell and garnished with fixings like tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles

Falafel as snacks, side dish, appetizer or finger food serve best with hummus or tahini sauce

Falafel with flat bread or enchiladas

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