Sunday, May 27, 2012


The Heng Hwas originally came from Fujian province in China (same as the Hokkiens), but they’re a minority dialect group. This fried bihun is one of its signature.Unlike other cooking styles of beehoon where it is usually wet with sauce, Putien’s Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon’s flavour comes from the milky stock of pork bones and chicken. Of course I replaced pork with beef.  With generous amounts of seafood and vegetables, the Bee Hoon was filling and satisfying. . And one thing good about this fried bihun it gets better once you serve with chili padi or green chili pickles.   YUm....YUm....

Bihun goreng putih sebenarnya asal dari Heng Hwa dari wilayah Fujian. Bihun ini banyak pakai sayur dan bahan-bahan seafood. Saya lebih gemar guna bok choy dan banyakkan stok ayam dan cube ayam..memang sedap. Lebih sedap dengan cili jeruk.

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