Monday, August 13, 2012


Look great ha....definitely no one can resists this Japanese signature food. I used to make my own batter but in this month of Ramadan I don't have the time for details so I just grabbed from the shelves. Not bad..really crispy and quite light.

Tempura is a Japanese preparation of batter-dipped, deep fried foods, usually vegetables and seafood. Squid is a perfect food for making tempura because it cooks up so fast. Of course if you would rather use other seafood, you can use this batter with shrimp, pieces of lobster, oysters, clams, small fish, or pieces of larger fish. Or you can skip the seafood altogether and just tempura fry some vegetables. I really love this and is one of my favourite when ever I'm in Japan...I'm more confident with tempura in terms of eating Halal food in Japan. Some brinjals and sweet potato will be a good pair. Serve best with Thai Chili Sauce. - Enjoy !!

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