Sunday, August 12, 2012


I have started playing with fondant. OMG it reminds me of how I used to buy and play with my kids the play dough from Toy' R''s exactly like that, it's lot like playing dough and it's really fun. The best part of fondant this day is that you can get the store bought fondant, all you need is to crack your right brain for creativity to shape want you want. It's an art. 

I don’t expect to turn into Cake Boss  overnight.  Truthfully I really don’t expect much to blossom out overnight anyhow I am happy that now I roughly have a clear idea what it is all about and by time I will be able to produce one fondant cake, Insyallah. As a start I’m trying something simple and truthfully plain using cookie here's my first cupcake fondant. Thanks to Nurianie Tan for her guidance....I really appreciate it.

You need these to start
  1. A decent little knife for cutting fondant
  2. Fondant/clay modelling tools (the fondant ones work better, but the clay tools work almost as well and cost a fraction of the price!)
  3. Clean, small-tipped paint brushes
  4. Colouring pastes and gels 
  5. A small rolling pin for rolling the fondant
  6. Fondant stamp-cutters
  7. Wilton grass icing bag tip (it’s what I used to make the grass in this picture)
  8. Frangipani petal cutters – I have these in a range of sizes and use the smallest to cut mouths and bee wings
  9. Vegetable shortening – if your fondant becomes too hard or dry, working a little vegetable shortening helps it to become soft and pliable again
  10. Tylo ‘glue’ – an edible glue which is marvellous for sticking fondant pieces together. If you can’t get access to any, you can use natural vanilla extract in a bind (do not, however, use water as I find it doesn’t really wor and just gives you sticky fondant)
  11. Gum Tragacanth  – a very fine powder which can be kneaded into fondant to thicken it and make it more stable and pliable to work with. 
  12. Icing sugar or corn starch – the natural heat from your hands will make the fondant sticky, so having this on hand to dust your working surface and your hands will help make the whole task more manageable!
  13. Fondant! Whether self-made or store-bought, it’s up to you

So have fun and HAPPY TRYING.


adda syuhada said...

woww..cumel2nya...cute miut semua..

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Salam adda, sebenarnya senang juga buatnya..bila dah tahu tekniknya. Memang fun

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