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Steam Yam Cake or Wu Tow Ko  is a popular snack amongst the Malaysian and Singaporean, and is basically a steamed kuih made from yam pieces, dried prawns and rice flour. It is then topped with deep fried shallots, spring onions, chillis and dried prawns, and usually served with a chilli dipping sauce. I love this kuih so much, I learned this in home science class way back in the 80's..but seldom got the opportunity to try. Reason being this kuih can only be found in any Chinese "kuih shop", you can't find this in any Malay kuih shop. So if you are craving for this kuih then you have to do it yourself. 
I always saw this kuih in Pulau Tikus Penang Market....I am glad recently we have this Yam Kuih presented by Evon attended the demonstration and went home and made a batch. But unfortunately the children dont quite like it so I have to finish the whole tray by myself. Anyway it's superb I made a few tweak on the garnish..made some omelette thinly slice, added some grounded peanut and some spring unions..oh my goodness it was my perfect tea after craving it for quite sometimes.
300 g yam, diced
2 tbsp oil
100 g minced chicken
50 g dried shrimps soaked and drain

Ingredients B
Mix together and sieved
230 g rice flour
20 g corn  flour
900 ml water

1 tbsp Maggi chicken stock granules
Salt to taste
Dash of pepper
1/4 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp sesame oil

For garnishing:
Crispp shallot slices
Chopped Spring Onion
Thinly slice Omelete
Ground eanuts
Fried dried shrimps
Thinly slice red chilies

Chilli sauce (mix till sugar dissolves):
10 red chillies, pounded
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp salt
2 tbsp lemon juice


Heat 4 tbsp oil and saute shallots till crisp. Remove and leave the oil in the wok. Add dried prawns and saute till fragrant. Remove and set aside for garnishing.

Add 2 tbsp oil to the remaining oil in the wok, add chicken yam, dried shrimps  and stir fry well. Add in 300 ml water and continue stirring

Mix in all dry ingredients with 600 ml water and seasoning and set aside

Add the batter to the yam and continue stirring until batter thick and pour into 9 " tray.

Steam till kuih is set and cooked through. Leave aside to cool, then garnish and cut. Serve yam cake with chilli sauce.

Bagi orang Melayu namanya Talam Keladi Berlauk, tetapi biasanya susah hendak dapat orang yang menjualnya. Biasa di pasar Cina. Jadi kalau berhajat hendak makan kenalah buat sendiri ya. Sebenarnya tidak susah membuatnya paling penting dalam talam ini jumlah air dan jumlah tepung kena tepat barulah duduknya talam ini cantik. Untuk hiasan atasnya bergantung kepada citarasa masing-masing..kalau hendak letak daging ke udang ke apa-apa pun boleh. Dalam resipi saya letakkan ayam semasak masak tepung dan keladi . Taburan atas saya letakkan udang kering kacang tanah tumbuk, telur dadar cili merah bawng goreng,dan daun bawang. Sedap disediakan sebagai sarapan pagi mahupun sajian petang dan paling enak disediakan sosnya sekali.

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Kjee said...

Paty...this happens to be my fav too!!! nanti nak buat. thnx for the recipe.

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