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Spices are an essential part of Asian Cooking. Cumin, coriander, turmeric and cinnamon are the staple flavorings of many Asian  dishes, I am writing this on special request by viewer that required my helps in understanding the various types of Asian Spices. Since I have most of the spices at home, so I said why's good to have some small documentation on these I took a shot on each spices and wish to share with those concerns.

Most of these spices are from Indian and cuisine like curry uses lots of spices. All these were brought to South East Asia by Indian Traders and it is interesting to study on all these spices. Most of the spices used are either fresh or in a powder form.

Spices truly make gastronomic indulgences. Spices bring out the great taste of any dishes and make them more exciting to eat. Moreover, it adds extra flavor to dishes.

Honestly I am not the expert in writing this topic anyhow base on my daily cooking especially curries..I know and understand the spices better..and I am learning now to blend some of  the spices to make "garam masala" an Indian special spice powder.

I hope the information given here will helps.

Here is the list of common spices used in daily Asian Cuisine

1.Coriander Seeds / Ketumbar Biji
2.Cumin / Jintan Putih
3. Fennel / Jintan Manis
4. Cardamon Pod / Buah Pelaga
5. Anise Star / Bunga Lawang
6. Cinammon Quill / Kulit Kayu Manis
7. Black pepercorn /  Lada Hitam
8. Fenugreek / Halba
9. White peppercorn / Lada Putih
11.Cloves / Bunga Cengkih
12 Candlenut / Buah Keras
13.Nutmeg Seed / Biji Buah Pala 

Note "- My numbering is wrong I missed No:10 anyway I stick to the picture.

Another very important ingredient is the tumeric powder and ginger.

Mengenali rempah ratus masakan Asia. Saya menulis ini atas permintaan seorang pembaca yang meminta saya menulis mengenai rempah ratus masakan Asia. Sebenarnya saya bukannya pakar tetapi oleh kerana sudah memasak selalu dan menggunakan rempah ratus ini maka saya kenal serba sedikit. Kebanyakkan kita tahu sejarah rempah ratus ini datangnya dari India yang dibawa oleh perdagang India. Tidak hairanlah ya rantau Asia ini banyak terpengaruh dengan budaya dan makanan masyarakat India. Sebenarnya tidak susah mengenali rempah ratus ini cuma saya selalu terkeliru antara jintan manis dan jintan putih..tetapi bila dah menulis ni rasanya ke depan saya tidak akan sila lagi . Saya harap maklumat yang ditulis ini dapat membantu.

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