Thursday, November 15, 2012


I've always wanted to learn to make chocolate, but never have the opportunity  due to tight work schedule and don't know how to go about until recently when Wah Seng organised  a 4 hours Homemade Chocolate program lead by Sifu Nurainie Tan. I enrolled myself and am blessed that I made that wise decision and now I can make my own chocolate. You'd be surprised just how easy it can be to create some wonderful chocolate recipes, and once you've gifted them and seen the reaction, you'll wonder what you ever saw in the store-bought varieties.

What you will need

  • Large bar of chocolate (white or milk)
  • Cookie sheet or mold (most waterproof containers make suitable molds)
  • Decorative goodies such as nuts, dried fruits and candies - I used Oreo cookies
  • Coloring for Chocolate

How to make it

Get you chocolate mold ready

Break the chocolate in to small chunks and place in the microwave for about one minute or until the chocolate has almost melted, give the chocolate a stir to help any remaining chunks melt, this will help the chocolate to melt without making it to runny and thin. Any more remaining chunks will need another blitz in the microwave. - I used double boiler method.

Add color of your preference to the chocolate and start designing your chocolate. Note you got to use a special coloring for chocolate. You can get it anywhere in the cake ingredients shop.

If your chocolate is fairly thin and quite runny leave it to thicken slightly before pouring it on to the cookie sheet, it doesn't need to be a perfect shape as this can often make it more interesting and unique.

Then place the chocolate sheet into the refrigerator

Remove from refrigerator and add another layer of chocolate. I added Oreo cookies and cover the cookies with another layer of chocolate. Refrigerate it again till harden and the chocolate is ready for serving.

Simple ha....

Memang sudah lama berhajat nak bermain dengan chocolate. tenguk kekawan buat hantaran chocolate rasa teringin juga. Saya cuma mendapat kesempatan ini apabila Wah Seng Ipoh menganjurkan kelas chocolate selama 4 jam. Saya daftarkan diri dan rasa berbaloi kerana saya sekarang sudah tahu teknik membuat chocolate. Terlalu simple anda hanya memerlukan chocolate, acuan dan kekacang atau cookies. Dalam experiment saya ini saya gunakan oreo memang sedap rasa ranggup Oreo dengan chocolate. Teknik asas ini boleh dilebarkan lagi kalau kita kreatif menggunakan idea. Buat permulaan saya cuma menggunakan yang basic dan untuk perwarna chocolate ini harus ingat ya dia ada perwarna khas untuk chocolate....jangan gunakan perwarna yang kita selalu guna. So SELAMAT MENCUBA.

Next Post - White chocolate Strawberry Muffins


Puan Ros @ Sinaranmenu.blogspot said...

Kak Paty, mana beli mould X-mas tu???Ros nak buat chocolate xmas untuk inlaw.

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Salam Ros its "Wilton chocolate Mold" try any cake ingredients supplies shop"

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