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Here are the how to make fondant recipes and instructions, as well as, how to apply fondant and store fondant.  

Things You Need

You can use the ready made fondant from the store / Saya gunakan fondant yang siap dari kedai dan gel warna.


    • 1
      Put as much fondant as you will need on the wax paper. You may put a little extra because since you are tinting the fondant without measuring anything, it will be hard to match the exact color if you end up needing more fondant.
    • 2
      Use gloves on your hands so they don't become stained by the coloring. You can use latex gloves or latex-free rubber gloves found at most stores.
    • 3
      Dip a toothpick into the icing coloring and wipe the toothpick onto the fondant. Wipe the toothpick on a different area each time, spreading the color around.
    • 4
      Knead the fondant until the color is well blended. You want the color to be evenly spread with no streaks or darker areas.
    • 5
      Apply more color with a new toothpick if the color is not dark enough. Wait until the color is completely blended before adding more color.
    • 6
      Apply the fondant to a cake or seal it in an airtight container. The color will darken slightly after a few hours.
Tips & Warnings
  • If you want the color darker after you have already applied it to the cake you can use an airbrush with icing coloring to spray on the cake.
  • Don't make the fondant too dark. If you use a lot of icing coloring it will alter the taste and leave your mouth dyed after eating it.
Here's the video from the Youtube com. - Happy trying


HaSue said...

Selamat hari raya kak paty..maaf zahir batin.. :-)

Thank u for sharing info pasal fondant ni...selalu tgk kat food network mmg excited tgk diorg deco guna fondant n mmg warnanya jd lebih gelap after hours.. Hari tu dah beli fondant siap tu,ingat nk buat utk bday cake my kids yg dua2 smbut bulan mcm keras lak rasa nak uli...jakun betul.haha..jadi sbb malas,tangguh la dulu..heee...thanks again kak paty.. ^_^

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Salam HaSue..hem benda-benda macam ni memang kena Xtra rajin..anggap macam main tanah liat memang kena banyak uli la

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