Monday, September 08, 2014


I've posted this recipe way back August last year and last few weeks when I wanted to bake for my niece I couldn't find the recipe in blog, later I found that the recipe was revert to draft due to the "copyright act"...there's a claim that I breached the copyright act. OMG quite surprise with that..then I did my finding and I found that I have pasted the recipe without highlighting the back link of the recipe taken. 

Damn..I love this recipe so much and in fact this was one of my best baking result..I wanted to keep the recipe but I can't really remember where I got this from. It's always my style if I found anything interesting I will copy and paste book marked it under my "to do" list. There's so many that I've book marked. Some I have the author name some I don't and this is one of the recipe that have put me in the controversial situation.

Anyway since I love the recipe..I goggled around to trace the author of the recipe and finally found that it was from

Lesson learned, from what I encountered in future I think I don't need to put so much effort to re-write the recipe, best way out is to write for recipe Click here...that's the best way..and if you are in situation you are just like marked recipe and line up for testing and try in your kitchen don't forget to note where you got the will escape from the copy right charge.

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