Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Non-stop demo, free flow of teh tarik and food. Happy and fulfilled Wilton-ators and their bags of discounted Wilton tools. Really happening at ICCA Pre anniversary Sales and Demonstration..and am glad to be there...tremendous exposure and experience...that make me want to learn more from the cake sifu..and here's some of the techniqueS and demonstration presented by the expert...just LOVE it

Folk Art Paint by Zahir - am planning to join the class soon

Royal Icing Lace Embroidery - by Yoke Moy

Patch work cutter by Nuraini Tan

Chocolate Modelling by founder Rosalind  Chan- very interesting with her magic finger in figurine

Halloween Cupcake by Angeline Stanley

Another Cake Painting

Royal Icing Rose by Sharifah

Daffodils by Faridah

The flowers were from rice paper - awesome !!!!
Not only being exposed with all sort of techniques we also enjoying ourselves good with Teh tarik demonstations..good food, desserts..ha..ha..non stop..makan....makan..makan...and it was fabulous...meeting new to meet some celebrities chef like Amy Beh and Juliza...and overall worth attending and I enjoyed myself good..

Celebrity Chef - Julia Adlizan

Prominent Cook book writer cum chef - Amy Beh

The Dancing Teh Tarik Chef..


MaDiHaA a.k.a Ratna said...

rajin sungguh kak Patty menuntut ilmu... berkongsi pula dgn kwn2 di blog.. moga murah rezeki akak selalu hendaknya.. amin..

Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Salam Madiha..benda free akak join la...semua tu ilmukan...insyallah apa yang akak tahu akak share..rezeki masing2....semoga semua boleh manafaati

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