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Kangkong Belacan is famous menu in any Chinese or Thailand restuarants. Kangkong is water spinach while belacan is shrimp paste Wahat make this vegetable tasteful is the shrimp paste and dried chili blended together. It's a simple dish yet satisfying. You can add some fresh shrimps is you. Perfect with rice. If I cook this at home I just ate it with rice and there no need for other side. Good enough and yo will really enjoy this..If you want it hot then add some bird's eyes chili.

500 g of kangkong. Separate leaves from stem. Cut stems to reasonable bite sizes
1" of belacan (shrimp paste)
50 grammes of dried shrimps (pre-soaked in about 150 ml of water. Do not throw away the water)
5 bulbs of shallots
150 g shrimps
4 to 8 red chillis (remove seeds if you want the dish to be less spicy)
4 tablespoons of cooking oil (preferably palm oil)

Prepare belacan mix as follows. Pound belacan, dried shrimps, shallots and chilli in a mortar pound / blend them.

Heat oil in wok till smoke appears from wok. Add oil (which should be heated up substantially). Add belacan mix and stir quickly whilst reducing to medium heat. Do not burn the belacan mix. Add shrimps and fry till shrimps changed color

Once belacan mix is fragrant and slightly brown, increase heat to high and add kangkong. Stir briskly and add a little water (from the water used to soak dried prawns) if the dish is too dry for your liking. Once kangkong is slightly limp, it is ready for serving.

I usually do not add any seasoning as the belacan and dried shrimps are quite salty in itself
Menu simple yang menjadi kegemaran semua. Ini memang faourite saya..kekadang tu makan begitu aje dengan nasi panas...tak perlu lauk-lauk lain. Resipinya mudah dan simple tapi kalau anda suka bolehlahdimasukkan sedikit udang hidup...hem lazatnya.

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Nazrah said...

memang favourite kangkong belacan ni..ada udang besar lagi tu

Outbound di malang said...

salam gan ...
menghadiahkan Pujian kepada orang di sekitar adalah awal investasi Kebahagiaan Anda...
di tunggu kunjungan balik.nya gan !

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