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This is a pastry and custard tart, very popular in most bakery. There's not much difference with the Chinese Egg Tart except that the pastry in this Portuguese Egg Tarts are more flanky.  This Portuguese egg tarts were evolved from "pastel de nata", a traditional Portuguese custard pastry that consists of custard in a crème brûlée-like consistency caramelized in a puff pastry case. Awesome....and yummy !!!!!

Portuguese Egg Tart (from Amy Beh - Kuali)

For pastry dough: Pastry (A):
80g plain flour
75g melted butter

Pastry (B):
80g plain flour
1 tsp milk powder
1 tsp sugar
l/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp corn oil
1 egg yolk
2 tbsp ice-cold water

Cream cheese filling:
100g whipping cream
55g sugar
1 piece cheddar cheese, chopped
125ml UHT milk
2 eggs, lightly beaten
Pinch of salt
1/4 tsp vanilla essence


To make the pastry: Sift flour (A) into a mixing bowl. Add melted butter and mix well to combine. Set aside for 10 minutes.
Sift flour (B) and milk powder into a mixing bowl. Stir in sugar, salt and corn oil. Add egg yolk and stir in water. Work the ingredients together to form a smooth and fine dough. Leave aside for 10 minutes.
Roll out pastry (A) into a rectangle. Roll out pastry (B) into a rectangle twice the size of (A). Place pastry (B) in the centre of pastry (A). Fold over both sides to overlap. Roll out flat.
Fold the pastry into four or quarters. Roll out flat. Repeat twice, then fold again into quarters and leave aside for 10 to 15 minutes.
Roll dough into a big rectangle. Roll the rectangle swiss roll-style. Cut the roll into seven equal pieces. Take a piece and press lightly into a greased tart mould. Trim the edges neatly. Set aside to rest for five minutes.
Pour filling 8/10th full into the tart mould and bake in a preheated oven at 220°C for 25 minutes or until the top or surface of the tart turns golden brown.
To make the filling: Bring half portion of cream to a low boil. Stir in sugar to dissolve. Add the rest of the cream and cheese. Mix well to blend. Set aside to cool. Add beaten egg, vanilla essence and milk to combine. Strain the mixture through a wire mesh sieve.
Siapa tak kenal Portuguese Tart inikan? Tart custard telur yang menjadi kegemaran semua dan mudah didapti dimana-mana kedai kek malah popular di se entero dunia. Sedap, lemak dan ranggup. Resipi adaptasi dari Amy Beh - Kuali.

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rahel said...

Rahel pun suka portuguese egg tart..sedap sangat..lemak manis..

Fauziah Samad said...

like like like!

Liza said...

salam kak paty, anak Liza mmg suka tart telur cmni...

IeRA said...

Salam Kak...

lama tak sini. tak terkejar2 resepi utk di cuba..huhuhu

IeRA said...

Salam Kak...

lama tak sini. tak terkejar2 resepi utk di cuba..huhuhu

Nina Mirza said...

SUKA SUKA ...... fav Nina nie~~
Dah lama tak buat ;)

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